Indians beat Staunton in 2OT

Bette Hammann and Amanda Schmidt defend on the inbound.

The Lady Indians put up two fierce battles against Staunton Thursday night.  Numerous turnovers by the 7th Grade Indians helped Staunton take the win.  Going into the second half, the Indians only had 2 points.  The 3rd quarter, again, resulted in numerous turnovers by the Indians.  In the 4th quarter, the Indians started their fight to bridge the gap, but ran out of time which resulted in a 11-22 loss.

Leading the 7th grade team was Diana Lienemann with 6 points.  Other scorers included: Kylie Dannis with 2 points, Allison Schardan with 2 points, and 6th grader Ally Clay with 1 point.

The 8th grade Lady Indians put on a show for the crowd.  Helen Vargo led the Indians to an early advantage as the Indians led 4-0.  Staunton came back to tie the score, and then take the lead.  At the half, Staunton was ahead.  During the 3rd quarter, the Indians came back strong to tie the game up.  Every time the Indians scored, Staunton would score.

The 4th quarter was a complete neck to neck race.  Fouls and penalties were called in abundance against both teams.  Tension, excitement, and anxiety were mounting in the stands for both teams when the buzzer sounded at the end of the game with a 21-21 tie.

The clock was set for the three minute overtime play.  Neither team was budging past the 21 mark.  Helen Vargo scored 2 points to give the Indians a 23-21 lead.  Staunton would soon counter and tie the game.  When the three minute buzzer sounded, the score was tied 23-23 and it was double overtime for the eighth grade Lady Indians.

Regan Goldasich dribbles through the lane.

The clock was reset to the three minutes.  Staunton took the lead early in 2OT for a score of 23-25.  Bette Hammann drove past her defender and tied the game with a jumpshot. Again, the game was back to a tie.  Seventh grader, Amanda Schmidt broke the tie as she was able to score on layup to give the Indians a 27-25 lead.

Staunton fought back with vengeance trying to tie the game, but the fouls got them. Abby Munos was fouled and was sent to the free throw line for bonus points. Munos made one of the two free throws to give the Indians a 28-25 lead.  Staunton had the ball the last 33 seconds of the game, but it was not enough time to close the gap.  In the last 8 seconds, Helen Vargo stole the ball to seal the win for the Indians and the girls let the clock run down for a well fought win of 28-25 over Staunton.

All the girls played a great offensive and defensive game.  Leading the 8th grade Indians in points were Helen Vargo and Bette Hammann, both with 8 points each; Abby Munos, Regan Goldasich, and Amanda Schmidt with 4 points each.  The Lady Indians with be in the Jerseyville Tournament the week of October 17th.  The next regular game will be Monday, October 24th in Mt. Olive.

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