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Established in 2011, The BenGil Post was the first online paper in Macoupin County. Since our launch, a few other neighboring communities have attempted to replicate what we have created, but no one does it as good as us. Owned and operated in Gillespie, The BenGil Post boasts the largest local news coverage of any news entity in the area. With constantly updated, real-time news and an unlimited canvas, The BenGil Post is redefining the local news industry.

The benefits of online news for readers

  • Real-time news updates – No longer will you have to wait a week to read the news
  • No limit on the amount of news featured – With unlimited storage, no longer will news stories be left out because of financial constraints of a typical print paper
  • No biased editors – Republican, Democrat, Tea Party? Who cares.  This is a paper about the community by the community. No longer will opinions be censored.
  • Discussions – Each article has its own comment area allowing readers to voice their opinions in an instant. Discussions are encouraged.
  • More pictures and videos – What’s that saying? A picture says a thousands words. Well then The BenGil Post says over a million words. Almost every article featured in the BenGil Post has multiple pictures, as well videos.  Missed the Miner’s basketball game last night? No worries. Just watch the highlight video on here.

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