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Advertising raises the profile of your business and supports local news in your community.

Monthly Statistics*:

  • 50,000+ pageviews
  • 20,000+ visits per month with an average of over 2 pages viewed per visit
  • 5,000+ unique visitors per month

What does that mean for your business?

Unlike a traditional print paper where you have only 1 chance to make an impression per week (1 display ad on 1 page of the paper), at the BenGil Post you’ll have over 30,000 chances to make an impression because your ad is on EVERY page and article! Exposure. Exposure. Exposure.


  • Less competition – We only allow 10 display ads per month so you’re not fighting for the reader’s attention.
  • It’s not news if it’s a week late – Because our site is updated daily (sometimes hourly), our readers see it first on The BenGil Post.¬† Why read the news again?
  • Repeat exposure – Not only do you get more exposure, but our readers come back day-after-day-after-day so instead of seeing your ad only once per week, they see it 4-5 times per week.
  • Advertising is just not limited to display ads – Contests, videos, articles, or anything else you can dream up is possible online.

What does the advertisement entail?

  • Full color usage – the days of paying more to advertise in full color are gone.
  • Complete graphic design – and they do not stop until you love it!
  • Ability to link your ad to your website or any URL – take the customer directly to your page with just one click of the mouse.
  • Update it! If you want to change your ad in the middle of the month, we do it – at no cost!
  • Rotation – we rotate the ads from top to bottom as well as inside article context on a monthly basis. No longer will you have to worry if your ad is being seen!

There are several ways you can advertise with The BenGil Post, including:

  • Banner, sidebar, footer and in-story advertising
  • Advertising in our weekly email digest
  • Social media ads
  • Sponsored content

Purchase or renew your advertisement online:

For more information, email us at to get started today or download our ad rate sheet for more information.

*Data varies month to month. Email us for specific data, demographics, locations, and reach.

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